What if Alan Moore had written Watchmen about Beano characters instead of superheroes?

That's the premise. 'Beanotown' is a ten page mini-comic slap-up-feed that has a crack at an answer, retelling Watchmen part 1. It's available from Orbital and direct from me (£1+p&p). Email for a copy.

The Dark Origin story

Man Cat's ever so dark origins are revealed in this 12 page mini comic. Did I mention that it's dark? Because it is. It is also BASED ON A TRUE STORY. It is available for the princely sum of £1 from me (+p&p) and also from the excellent Orbital comics.

Here's the cover and a page from inside:

A short strip

Here's the first Man Cat strip from Poot. The next bit should be in the next issue (hopefully) which should be out soon (hopefully).